Thanks. We got it this morning and I have it installed. Works great and certainly solved the problem (as I expected it would).

-Alan A.
Los Altos Hills, CA

Thank you. The product was delivered just a few minutes ago. Thank you for the speedy shipment and response. I truly appreciate it.

Also, can I get some instructions on putting in the rollers. I am new to this and do not want to screw this up. Any help here would be appreciated too.

Thank you and your firm again, you were terrific.

John D.
San Rafael, CA

Great that you have that part in stock and thank you for your quick reply. I will have purchasing call in an order.
Veronica Casto
Houston, TX

It is nice to place an online order & get to talk to an actual person. Wayne Haub
Kansas City

The information below are a compilation of troubleshooting tip and information based on our service calls and technical support questions. This page is updated frequently.

Brother InteliFax 2500ML MFC 4500ML
HP LaserJet 8150 - Error 50.1
HP Color LaserJet 3500/3700 -Error 10.92.XX
HP Color LaserJet 3500/3550/3700 -Error 50.4 Fuser Error
HP LaserJet 4200 Fuser Jam
Color LaserJet 4500 -Cold Reset
HP 4500/4550 - Faded Print
HP 4500/4550 - Error 13, Error 54.6, Reinstall Transfer Belt
HP 4500/4550 - Prints Blank Pages
HP 4500/4550 - Prints Full Black Pages
HP 4600DXX/4650DXX - Jams on Duplex Jobs
HP 4600 - Unfused rough print
HP LJ 4000/4050/4100
HP 4L/4ML/4P/4MP
HP LJ 2100/2200

Brother InteliFax 2500ML MFC 4500ML
Dirty prints with gray background. Can be caused by defective drum unit - look for repetitive horizontal lines. Also caused by dirty beam to drum mirror which requires complete disassembly. Cleaning this mirror can restore print quality to like new condition.
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HP LaserJet 8150 Error 50.1 Fuser Error
We have found this to be the low voltage power supply, part number RG5-4357. Check the fuser resistance first to confirm, but most times it will require replacement of the low voltage power supply.

HP Color LaserJet 3500/3700 Error 10.92.XX Cartridges Not Engaged
XX = 00 Black
XX = 01 Cyan
XX = 02 Magenta
XX = 03 Yellow

Problem Description: Cartridges are not engaged., poor primary transfer bias contacts, defective high-voltage supply, or control signal errors.
Action, the service manual says: 1-open and close door, 2-reseat cartridges, 3-check contacts to transfer unit, clean if dirty, or replace transfer unit if they cannot be cleaned or are damaged, 4-replace H.V.P.S. PCB, 5-replace DC Controller PCB.

First look for a small white plastic piece broken off from inside Front Door Assembly(near top right corner). This piece pushes a ITB coupling lever inside the printer which engages the cartridges. Part# RC1-1247-000 - Lever, ITB Coupling, It's the same part for HP Color LaserJet 3500 and 3700.
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HP Color LaserJet 3500/3550/3700 Fuser Error 50.4
Replace the low voltage power supply, RK2-0157
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HP LaserJet 4200 Paper Jam
Frequent paper jams under toner cartridge which may be accompanied by a grinding noise and paper stops at the fuser assembly. This can be casued by a broken fuser locking clip.
    CLIP4200R            Broken Clip              Good Clip
The clip is on the left side of the fuser by the large white gear as shown.
Replacement involves removal of two screws securing the plastic cover and unsnapping the cover. Order part number CLIP4200R for this repair.
This is an upgraded part so this should not happen again.
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Color LaserJet 4500 -Cold Reset
Cold Reset - This machine has a resets menu which allows resetting to factory defaults.  Remove JetDirect card before resetting to preserve settings.
Reset Memory: Resets the printer to user-specified default settings.

Restore Factory Settings: Resets the printer to factory default settings.
New Transfer Kit Select If Done: Clears the maintenance message after the transfer kit has been replaced.
New Fuser Kit Select If Done: Clears the maintenance message after the fuser kit has been replaced.
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HP 4500/4550 - Faded Print
Light print on right half of page - one color or all colors. We have found a few cases of a dirty scanner motor mirror causing this problem. Remove the top cover, then the shield plate over the scanner then the scanner cover. Look at the scanner mirror and see if there is a build up of toner on the right side. Clean the scanner mirror and reassemble the printer!
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HP 4500/4550 - Error 13, Error 54.6, Reinstall Transfer Belt
This can be caused by debris or paper scraps blocking connector pins on ITB connector. The connector is located on left rear of ITB drawer and the corresponding mating connector is on the chassis. Open the ITB drawer and remove the transfer belt assembly. Pull the drawer out until it reaches the stops. Align the first set of rollers with the opening in the roller slide rail and lift up until the rollers clear the rail. Slide the drawer back until the second set of rollers align with the opening in the rail and lift the drawer up and out. Examine the connector on the left rear of the drawer and the mating connector on the printer chassis for debris or paper scraps. Reinstall in reverse order.
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HP 4500/4550 - Printing Blank Pages
Blank page printed when job is sent - Cannont be stopped until a door is opened or printer is turned off. This is a problem with early transfer belt assemblies. ITB must be replaced, C4196, transfer kit. This problem occurs with tranfer belt serial numbers earlier than lot EHC5001064 The lot code is located on the white barcode label on top of the tranfer belt.
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HP 4500/4550 - Black Page
A black page can result from the high voltage contact not "springing" back and making contact with the drum unit. This causes toner to applied to the entire page resulting in a buildup on the transfer roller. The resulting page is generally black and tends to curl from the excessive toner fusing to the page. Clean the contact and make sure the spring extends the contact so a connection is made to the drum unit. Clean the tranfer roller.

LJ 4500 Hi Voltage Contact
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HP LJ 4600DXX/4650DXX
May be caused by a long black plastic piece broken at tray two. Look inside where tray two goes to verify. If this is damaged you will have to replace the entire pickup assembly, LJ4600 only RG5-6468 and for the LJ 4650 RG5-7453 Jams on duplex jobs may be caused by a long black plastic piece broken at tray two.
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HP LJ 4600
Laserjet 4600 exhibits rough and or unfused print on left or right edge for  1" to 1.5" into page.  This can be caused by the pressure release levers on the fuser being out of position. These levers, used to help remove fuser jams, should be in the position which applies pressure to the media as it passes between the rollers. The lever is on the opposite side of the fuser as you face the printer from the edge that is not fusing.  Left side not fusing, check right lever. These are the levers, not the thumb screws securing the fuser.

HP LJ 4000/4050/4100
Hewlett Packard 4000/4050/4100 - Multi Sheet feeds from tray 1 or manual feed tray Usually caused by worn pickup roller and paper separation pad. Pickup roller,
RG5-3718 and paper separation pad, RG5-5281 (4000 & 4050) RF5-3086 (4100) are straighforward to replace and under $50. The pickup roller is part of the 200K page maintenance kit, but for some reason the paper separation pad is not.
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HP 4L/4ML/4P/4MP
Hewlett Packard 4L/4ML/4P/4MP - Paper feeds to just under the drum in the toner cartridge and then stops indicating a "13 Paper Jam" or the jam light is lit. The toner cartridge drum does not have any toner deposited. Check the paper input sensor flag located just above the paper tray. Make sure it is not broken and swings freely. If it's broken, you will need to replace RF5-0601 paper input sensor arm. The part is inexpensive but it's a bit of a task to get access to it for replacement. You will have to remove the cover, the control board cover, fuser, and a few other items to gain access.
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Hewlett Packard 6P/6MP - Vertical marks on back of printed page and paper jams at fuser
Take a look at the delivery rollers on the fuser assembly. These rollers tend to become mushy with age and will deposit bits of rubber and toner to the back of the page. The fuser delivery rollers, RB1-9181, can be replaced. This requires removal of the cover and then the fuser as the shaft with three rollers is located on the fuser assembly. The cover can take a little patience but with a part cost in the $20 range and includes 2 pages of illustrated instructions. It's worth saving this printer.
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HP LJ 2100/2200
Hewlett Packard 2100/2200 - Tray 2 Paper Jams
Look at the rear paper stop on the paper tray. We have seen this moved from the required position, usually letter size. The stop has either been set at A4, Executive or even legal size and the paper loaded against the rear stop. This places the paper behind the pickup roller and also initiates an incorrect timing sequence for the paper path sensors. The result is a paper jam or paper jam indication each time a print job is sent to the printer. Before calling for service check that the paper tray is set properly and that the paper is loaded correctly.
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