A compilation of frequently asked questions

I have a small dot or spot on my printed page
In printers equipped with toner cartridges, 90%+ of the imaging comes from the toner cartridge. A quick first troubleshooting attempt is to change the toner cartridge. Even if all you have is an old cartridge, try replacing the suspect cartridge to see if the defect goes away or changes. Repetitive defects in the direction of the paper feed indicate a problem with a roller. The spacing between defects can help isolate the cause and is important information to have available during the troubleshooting process.

What information would be helpful when I call for service?
The printer make and model number is essential - HP Laserjet is not enough information, HP LaserJet 5Si is.

Description of the problem - It doesn't print for instance while being true, does not adequately describe the problem. A better description of the problem might be "Our printer doesn't print because the paper jams as it is being picked up"

1. Does the printer indicate an error message either on the display or a light pattern?
2. Do you hear strange sounds, grinding noises, squeals etc.?
3. Do you hear the motor(s) turning?
4. Do you get paper jams when paper enters the machine, exits the machine or inside the machine?
The more information you provide the better we can help.

I am getting an error code on my HP printer - what does it mean?
Error codes are typically displayed with a screen message or a light pattern - blinking, steady, or flashing.
We have listings of most error codes at:
HP: http://www.all-laser.com/error.shtml
Lexmark: http://www.all-laser.com/error_lex.html
The paper out and paper jam lights are flashing and the printer won't print.

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